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1. Global Navigation System
2. Global Email System
3. Global iComm Systems
4. Global Info System "The Most Intelligent Info System, Ever Built"
5. Global Advertising System
6. Global Aucion Sites / Systems
7. Global Web Hosting Services/Systems
8. Network Systems Design, n Admin Services. "LAN / WAN SYSTEMS"
9. Database Systems Design, n Admin Services. "DB Systems Design / Engineering"
10. Internet Domain Name Registeration System / Services. " Net007007's Registar System "
11. Client / Server OS Design / Engineering.
12. Mobile Equip / SmartPhone OS Design / Engineering.
13. Office Applications, Design / Developement.
14. Mobile Applications, Desing Developement.
15. Point of Sale Systems Design, n Developement. "POS Engineer"

Ads Sys    
Email Sys    
Auction Sys    
iComm Sys    
info Sys    
Nav Sys    
Net Sys    
www Sys   
Db Sys